Loan services for the purchase of your home

For the last 24 years our specialty is to pass

loans to buy Houses, Town-homes, Condos or Mobiles

Homes (with land).

I make your investment in the purchase of your home for you and your

family is easy and safe, putting your money to work for

You, ensuring your present and your future.

Our work begins with advising completely Free to the first

buyers, investors, or anyone trying to refinance

to be prepared and that purchase or refinancing is a

happy experience. Our service is person to person. You will have

all our experience at your service so that the purchase becomes a reality

short term.

We are specialists in first buyers

working with nationally recognized banks and a team of

professionals (file openers, processors, Underwriters) who

they work very hard to get purchases closed as soon as possible,

normally taking 30 days or less the closing, since it is executed


Internally, Our Banks have all the programs of

home financing such as:

FHA; FHA 203K (with this program you

we get up to $ 35,000 for repairs if the house needs it)

Conventional; Fannie Mae; Freddie Mac; Foreign National (foreigners)

and remember that decisions to approve loans are made in our office