Business Lawyer Experts in Real Estate

When entering into a real estate transaction, most
buyers, sellers, and investors have to go through a number of
professional services in order to complete the process. That is why we
have a team of business lawyers who are experts on the subject,
available to advise you.
The Advice is important for the Purchase or

Sale of a Property

An important benefit that we offer our clients is
the understanding that our law firm provides. In Jury & amp;
Farshchian, PL We handle real estate transactions,
corporate formation, estate planning, representation at
the closing of the sale and a variety of other matters related to
real estate.
So clients can hire one company to handle
all of their real estate, business and estate planning needs
. We offer comprehensive real estate representation in all
areas of the law.
“Ms. Farshchian is truly an exceptional attorney from
goods and roots. She helped me with a
commercial lease a few months ago, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the
way she handled the transaction. She was totally dedicated and
available to answer all my questions, and was quick to ask.

in front of all my concerns. She was very detailed with her work. I’m
very happy to have met her, and I’m sure you will
be too ”. Dr. Flores.

The transactions that the business attorney frequently performed are:

  • Buying and selling real estate: Realzun Realty can help you with
    any of the parts of the transaction necessary for the purchase or sale
    of a property.
  • Developers or Contractors: If you are a contractor or
    developer of a Jury & amp; Farshchian, PL can help you
    go through all the legal processes necessary for you to
    achieve your goal.
  • Foreign Investors: The investment of a company tends to be done
    with a certain degree of risk, and this is increased by
    US laws that favor domestic investors. That is why we
    specialize in representing foreign investors, so that they
    do not become disadvantaged in the process of buying or selling their
  • Distressed Homeowners – We represent hundreds of
    desperate clients in need of
    legal representation .
  • Landlord and Tenant Law: We can help you
    negotiate the terms of your lease to
    ensure that your interests are adequately protected.
  • Landlord and tenant issues: Regarding the
    eviction process and the rights and duties of the parties to the
    lease, we can help you resolve
    any disputes that arise for both the landlord and the tenant.
  • Real Estate Investors: When it comes to investing in
    real estate, we help with some of the most complex issues in
    real estate law to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Real Estate Agents: Real estate professionals often
    find it helpful to have an experienced real estate attorney by their
    side, when conducting transactions of any size, whether
    residential or commercial.